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Travel Articles » Montreal Canada - A Travel Worth Traveling

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Montreal is the largest city in Quebec with a rich history. In 2010 the city was named a hub city, meaning that it rank 34th out of 289 other cities for its innovation. Due to the cities prominent position globally it has become an attractive center for people all over the world. Montreal offers classical Bed & Breakfast choices for would be vacationers. With great places to stay there are great places to visit. Many of these places donít have to cost much in order to have fun with family and friends.

Montreal has places that are available to hike and bike for a self tour of the city. Mont Royal is a popular attraction for people visiting the city. The climb is an easy 45 minute walk from the base to the summit. At the top enjoy the full picture of the city below. All over the Mont there are various activities for people to enjoy. Montreal offers free art shows for people to enjoy. If you are an art fan then check out the Museum of Contemporary Art. The art complex also offers free tours for people looking for an in-depth show.

Montreal offers great places to dine. Schwartzís Montreal Delicatessen offers smoked meat using meat that is marinated for 10 days. Schwartzís Delicatessen has been in the city since 1928. Another place to try is Reubenís Deli, Montreal. Here a hungry person can find burgers, steaks and wines. Montreal has been around for a long time and is more than ready to satisfy the deepest tastes that people have.

B&B locations are a popular choice for visitors. The B&Bís in Montreal are reasonably priced stays that offer a touch of the city that cannot be found in local hotels. Some B&Bís offer room rates starting at $25 a night. The local culture is found in every B&B in Montreal. Each one is tailored to the likes of people from all over the world. Every B&B is different and each one should be explored by every person.
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