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Travel Articles » Napa Valley - The Place of Wonders

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Napa Valley, California is one of the best places to see grapes in action. All along the region in California, grapes are grown for a variety of reasons. Some growers use them to provide fresh grapes for people to enjoy. Otherís take them and dry the grapes out in the California sun to produce raisins. Others tend a vineyard to produce award winning wine for the world to enjoy.

Napa Valley offers a number of activities for people to enjoy. Every day people walk its paths and take in the breath taking views that the valley produces. After a long walk stop off at the Calistoga and enjoy a spa that caters to the customer. After a relaxing time at the pampering spa head over to a local winery and taste test the finest California has to offer.

After a long day in Napa Valley it is time to head off to a luxurious dinner at one of the local restaurants. Napa Valley offer foods from all tastes of life. Seafood, BBQ, French foods, and many others are available to be chosen from. The one thing that all the places have in common is the local wine that is offered to complete a wonderful eating experience.

Once supper is over it is time to head off to bed. Napa Valley has a number of Bed & Breakfast locations to choose from. Each one offers unique settings for everyone to enjoy. Hennessey House Napa is a B&B that offers relaxation for everyone. The B&B is located within walking distance of local theaters and shops. The setting allows for a goodnight sleep so the fun can begin again the following day.
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